Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mini Review

Finally..... we have completed the 13.1 mile Mini Marathon. Whew!! I can honestly say, I am quite relieved.

The weather was great! Excluding a slight shower/rain, the conditions were perfect. Not to hot, not to sunny, not to humid. I will take it!! I walked with Michael and a friend of ours. She provided the comic relief and Michael was the constant encourager! I was was so thrilled to have walked with them. Our final time was 3 hours and 44 minutes, a 17 minute mile average. We started off strong (14-15 minute mile), then tapered off toward the end. In all honestly, I didn't feel all that bad. Throughout the week I kept praying that I wouldn't have an asthma attack, my shins wouldn't hurt too bad, my back would hold out, I wouldn't have any uncontrollable bodily function occur, I wouldn't itch to terribly....thankfully I am able to say that non of the above occurred!! I didn't however, pray for my feet............and man oh man!! My toes even hurt! Ha!! I did have some chest pain, to the point I couldn't walk fast AT ALL!!! However, given all that I was worried about, I am thankful and relieved we finished!!!

I woke feeling very sore today, but already considering next years plans.... 5K or Mini. It is definitely a wonderful experience! Again, I thank you all for your prayers throughout the training (ha), past week, and yesterday morning. We are grateful beyond words.

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