Monday, April 4, 2011


Shortly after having Bailey, I developed a skin rash diagnosed as P.U.P.P.S. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a rash some women experience during the later stages of their pregnancy. of a baby. I, however, was blessed to develop the condition after, yes after, the apparent cure. WHAT?? After many prayers, research, minimal medication (due to nursing) and several topical oinments, I finally found relief!!! I made a trip to a local mid-wife in the community where I previously worked (Amish Country). Her suggestion: eliminate yeast from my diet! In all honestly, I thought she was crazy! However, in my desperation, I made the sacrifice!! Amazingly, there was an immediate change. As each day progressed, my skin began to heal. I no longer had to cover myself in creams, lotions, and anti-itch ointments! I didn't have to cry myself to sleep each night because I was so miserable! And my skin wasn't red, blotchy and welty anymore! (if only those stretch marks would have faded away with them......) Yay!!!

Shortly after the rash disappeared, I occasionally splurged and ate bread, pastries, and crackers. So.... for the past 5 months, rather than the "prego rash," I have been battling hives.....every. stinkin. night. Fun.....right??!! So, I have stopped eating yeast. Getting better? Yes. Going away? No.

I am now working with a chiropractor (co-worker of the Mid-Wife) who is giving me a diet plan to eliminate this annoyance! He has suggested I forgo eating yeast, sugar, and starches. The idea is that yeast is fed by various foods. By eliminating those foods, the yeast will die. So by "starving the yeast" my hives will dissipate. Following? While I am unsure of the validity of the concept, I am willing to try. Omitting these from my diet will be beneficial regardless. This is a largely modified version of the typical "yeast starvation" diet. However, due to my nutritional needs as a nursing mother, my restrictions are limited.

After doing some brief research, I am expecting the next few days to be a bit rough: Headache, nausea, irritability, exhaustion, diarrhea, shakiness ...... and the list goes on. It sounds like the self-induced flu!! I am trying to remain positive. The worst is over in a few days, my hives will vanish, and I will get a few more recipes out of the whole thing. I will keep you updated as I progress!! :)


  1. Wow! I'd love to hear what a day of eating looks like with that diet. I can imagine it being challenging, but maybe it won't be at all! I hope it really helps!

  2. wow brittany! the constant battle :(
    i agree with kim - i would love to see what a daily diet looks like for you with these new omissions. (future post!)

  3. Brittany, saying a prayer for you right now! I struggle with different things and have found natural/chiropractic therapy to be the very best. My son struggles with hives every now and then. I thought I had the trigger food figured out but I have not. He doesn't complain but i would really like to figure out what it is.