Friday, May 6, 2011

Mini Eve

This is it..... the moment we have been training for, anxiously awaiting. The countdown has now gone from months, to weeks, to days and now to mere hours. Yikes!! While our training did not go as anticipated, we still had fun walking each evening. It was a bit difficult to find a window of time where Michael was home, it was not raining (near impossible the past few weeks), Bailey was still awake, and no one was eating. In all honestly, I don't think we thought the training aspect through very well prior to signing up. However, tomorrow will be a lot of fun.

We had a dinner at the YFC building last night for some last minute instructions and carbo loading. It was fun to hear how others have progressed in their training, (or lack there of) as well as what their concerns and plans are for the morning. Michael and I have been overwhelmed with the generosity from family and friends. We were worried going in that we wouldn't even raise the entry fee. I love knowing we live in such a supportive and giving community.

We ask for your continued prayers as we make final preparations for the long, exhausted road we have ahead of us. While I am anxious about tomorrow, fearful I will not finish, or one of various ailments will make my time miserable; knowing I have your prayers and support will keep me going. I keep thinking of the various young adults that Michael and I have been working with over the past couple of years. Our youth are lost and searching. Because of you and your support, they can be found. Thank you!

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  1. you ROCKED today! i'm so proud of you :) good job guys!!!