Monday, January 16, 2012

Goals of 2012

Each year, as the seemingly majority of America, I reevaluate, restart, and redo my list of goals. This year, rather than making a list of well intentioned goals, set myself up for failure, and throw in the towel January 2nd, I have committed myself to a manageable plan. A plan that allows me to make lists (something I cannot function without), and alter as necessary.

I have organized a list of things I hope to accomplish in the year 2012. The following is not inclusive, but a general overview:

Spiritual Goals:

Bible in a Year (Have been doing this in 6 months, but want to stretch it out)
Memorize 100 Verses this year (2 a week)
Find a church (have been searching for 4 months)
Complete our Personal and Family Mission Statements
Continue our prayerful search for mentors
Pray for ministry opportunities outside of home (ideally through our new church)

Date night twice a month
Family/Friend visits once a month minimum

Motherhood/Parenting Goals:
Consistency in Discipline
Continue to add scripture to Bailey's heart training
Eliminate pacifier
Independent Play
Potty Training----maybe.

Reevaluate our Menu Plan/Meal Budget
De-clutter: 30 items in 30 days at least twice this year
Evaluate and update Household and Emergency Binder
Compile a 3-5 day survival kit

Personal Growth
Exercise 4 times a week
Read a minimum of 1 book a month

While the list is very manageable, I cannot succeed by taking it all on January 1st. So each week/month, I will be evaluating the list and chipping away bit by bit. With that said, the objective for January is the following:

8 Verses Memorized
Genesis and Job read (utilizing a chronological reading plan)
2 Date nights
1 Play date
Complete 1 Book
Exercise for 20 minutes 5x's week
Reevaluate food Budget

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  1. Looks great! I, too, have just been making lists of things I'd like to accomplish. That way when I'm ready to do something, I have an entire list to choose from yet don't feel like I have to get to it all. I would love to know what you do with a survival kit. It's on my list to do this year too. I hope you find a church home soon. I know how important that is. It's taken us a good several years to truly get involved at Life and feel like home. It's a process that can take awhile.