Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's a negative, Mommy

We began implementing "Baby Sign Language" into our daily conversation with Bailey when she was around 6 months old. After doing some research, speaking with other mothers, and getting information from the library; we selected the words that we wanted to utilize. Things such as mommy, daddy, more, ball, eat, milk, yes, no, all done..... words that are used several times each day. While at times it felt funny and awkward, we decided to stick with it. What could it hurt??

Recently we have begun to see some comprehension through our "conversations" with Bailey. It is wonderful to know when she either wants more or is finished, is tired, or is just a "big girl" at the moment. However, there are days where everything is a "negative, Mommy." While we are a far cry from complete understanding, it has been rewarding to see the gradual progress. I know some of this is just common sense communication, like yes and no, but I am excited to see the progression of her communication abilities with signing.

But as of today: That's a negative, Mommy.......

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