Sunday, April 10, 2011

If Jesus were a house-guest??

Years ago, I remember my Mother asking me, "What if Jesus were a house-guest?" Several years later, I still find it to be a simplistically profound concept for a 9 year old. The challenge was to rid my life of things that I wouldn't include if Jesus were physically with us. (At the time, I remember it being in regard to a stack of old"Teen Beat" magazines that my friend had given me. ) This reflection has challenged me to re-evaluate my life, hobbies, entertainment, food, and daily activities. If Jesus were to walk in my front door right now, what would I feel shameful of? What would I eliminate, hide, or purge if he were to call ahead with a warning? How would my daily routine evolve?

Would Jesus and I sit down for an entertaining episode of "Grey's Anatomy?" What about the CD collection I have accumulated from College.... Britney Spears? The Dave Matthew's Band? What in there is glorifying to him? What would I feed him? Would I serve my Savior the frozen Pizza that I have in the freezer??

I have found in my own life, I have become accepting and desensitized to worldly influences. How has this happened?? By filling my life with the impure. Little by little, my mind has been tarnished. I am striving to eliminate those things that are filled with sinful values and morals. Some things will be harder than others. With few exceptions, my music collection is not secular (My Britney Spears CD was free.....and I never listen to it, so please don't poke fun). However, this does mean an end to my much loved Grey's Anatomy. :( What of the relationships, conversations, and food I have filled my life with? How are they exemplifying Christ?

This endless battle will need frequent examination. However, the exchange of a pure mind, home and heart will be well worth the sacrifices made. I am desiring to be different, to be a light for Christ. In order to do that, it must start in my home.


  1. I was addicted to Grey's Anatomy so much so that I would watch the episode online if I couldn't catch it on Thursday evening. The Lord kept speaking to my heart about this and I kept denying it for about 2 seasons. I kept telling myself I would finish the current season and not begin the next. I prayed that the Lord would help me not desire it because I simply couldn't just stop. He was faithful and with each episode last year I would feel dirty and ashamed after watching. I even began to have panic attacks during the last few episodes. This year I asked my husband to help me stay accountable (he never liked me watching it). Praise the Lord, He gave me strength to not turn it on. I do know that I cannot pass ABC on Thursday night at 9pm because I just might be tempted to watch it. I feel such a cleansing from eliminating it and now am more cautious with movies too. I too feel like I've allowed junk to sneak in. Asking the Lord to continue to purify my life and home. It will be an ongoing process but so glad to have girlfriends with the same conviction to help me stay accountable! Your desire inspires me to keep making the choice to not turn on junk. Thanks for sharing!

  2. join the farewell party :)
    makes me think about what i am doing with my other house-guests...if its not good enough for Jesus, why does it go on when they are here?! whats the next step in changing all of that into a pure home...