Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

Top 10 Signs of Spring

10. I have the urge to cut my hair.....and I am going to do it this year.....really, I am.
9. Walks have become part of our evening routine.
8. I am plotting an attack on my yard/garden/patio.
7. My first hanging basket has been purchased....beautiful yellow and purple pansies.
6. Bulbs I have spent countless hours digging up and giving away: they have once again sprouted. GRRRR....
5. My green thumb is itching uncontrollably.
4. Rain is always in the forecast.
3. Easter is on the calendar.
2. March Madness (aka the "Season of Temporary Widowhood") has arrived.
1. I have tasted a small piece of heaven. My first "Bummie Burger" of the season. It. Was. AMAZING. :)

Yay Spring!


  1. I already cut my hair. You should jump on the bandwagon. And #2 (Season of Temporary Widowhood) is hilarious, but probably pretty close to the truth.

  2. spanish dog with nacho cheese and onion?! yes please - and it was better than i remembered :) can't wait to see the cute locks and loved the orchids sprouting color in your window today!