Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Babbles

Our Little Miss has been babbling for months now. All of it just noise. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes it comes out in the form of raspberries, sometimes just yelling. Noise......but the most joyful noise to our ears. Or so we thought.

Should you walk into this house this week, you will find two joyous parents!! Two weeks ago she uttered the word "Dada" for the first time. She said it with intensity, and repeated it until she had Michael's attention. Our hearts just jumped for joy at the sound. Saturday, she added "Mama" to her vocabulary. There is nothing better than to leave her sight and hear the sound of your daughter calling your name with her little arms reaching out to you. My heart just swells with love! My how the "noise" has changed! What began as quiet whispers has now evolved into laughter, song, and two of the most precious words ever spoken!


  1. Oh those sweet sounds! It continues to get better! The other day my son said, "I'm going to sit beside my beautiful princess mommy!" Their words just melt my heart. I think every day I hear the word beautiful, love, or princess come out of their mouth to describe me. I cherish these words!