Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheap Date

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I would compile a list of frugal date ideas. Since some of my readers are either newly married, new parents, or parents to be, any other ideas you would like to share would be welcome! Michael and I have learned how important it is to set aside time for just the two of us on a regular basis. It is our goal to do this at least twice a month, so finding cheap dates has become a priority. It is so important to find time to devote to your spouse without the distraction of the children, work, school, and life. I challenge each of you to set a side time for your significant other on a regular basis.

1. Movie and Popcorn. We have rented from Redbox, saved a Netflix movie, or even borrowed from friends. It is nice to just spend time relaxing and not going anywhere.
2. Take a scenic stroll. Find a nice neighborhood or park and just walk.
3. Candlelit dinner for two. I have taken a meal from the freezer, baked it, grabbed a salad from the fridge, add some fresh fruit and wallah......Romantic dinner with minimal fuss.
4. Read a book together and discuss.
5. Attend a sporting event. This might cost a little, but you are helping to fund your local athletic department, so it is worth the cost.
6. Bake or cook together.
7. Game night! Play scrabble, skip-bo, Yahtzee.
8. Mini golf (look for coupons to cut the cost).
9. If you live in a university town, look for free/cheap concerts/plays/athletic events/seminars.
10. Picnic in your area park/living room.
11. Play tennis, go for a bike ride.
12. Make a consecutive date search...for example, finish each date off with a visit to a different ice cream shop in search of the best tasting dessert of your liking.

Happy dating! :)


  1. What a great list, Brittany! Dave and I do redbox and popcorn at home ALL THE TIME. We also sometimes make popcorn, turn on the fireplace, and just read on the couch together. We can talk, read, and just be together. It's relaxing and so nice! Or we'll go to a bookstore and read there to get "out".

  2. i love this brit! and your new look :) the ideas are great! we recently have started teaching each other new games or (because we're nerds who own 2 laptops) have been playing the endless supply of free games online with each other after mylin is in bed - as every frugal parent knows...the date can't start until then!