Monday, January 31, 2011

A day in the life.....

I truly have the best job in the world. I feel I am finally able to use my God-given gifts to their true potential! While I am very excited for the next stage in Bailey's life, I am thoroughly enjoying the laughter, self discovery and responsiveness this stage has brought! This schedule is to give you an idea of just how much fun I have each day!

6:00 am - Bailey Wakes. I pump while Michael and Bailey have some bonding time.
6:20-6:40 - Feed Bailey while Michael and I do our morning Bible Study.
6:45 - I shower while Michael feeds Bailey her morning cereal.
7:15 - Bailey and Mommy time while Michael starts to get ready for work.
8:00 - Michael leaves for work, Bailey takes a short 30 minute nap, I have some quite time for my personal devotions.
8:30 - Bailey wakes up and plays until 9:00. I spend this time cleaning the living room while she plays alone.
9:00 - Second feeding of the day.
9:30 - Play time. We usually do a mix of floor time, dancing and reading.
11:30 - Second nap of the day for Bailey. I take this opportunity to start laundry, do dishes, clean the bathroom, pay bills, start getting supper ready, and other housework.
12:10 - Michael and I share lunch together while Bailey sleeps.
12:55 - Michael leaves for work and Bailey begins to stir.
1:00 - Feed Bailey Milk and some veggies!
1:45 - Reading time and more floor time.
2:30 - Bailey plays in her high chair, walker and/or choo-choo train (a laundry basket with toys in it......we often "chug" along the house at rapid speeds while Bailey laughs hysterically.) I use this time to make supper and set the table.
3:15 - Bailey takes a short 30 minute nap while I continue supper preparations or more housework.
4:00 - Feed Bailey.
4:30 - Reading time in her Bedroom.
4:50 - I begin last minute preparations for supper while Bailey plays in her "Choo-Choo train."
5:25 - Michael comes home for the day.
5:45 - Supper time for Michael and I.
7:00 - Feed Bailey for the 4th time.
7:30 - Change Bailey into her pajamas and have some quite play time (no loud toys) We dim the lights and keep the TV volume on low if it is on.
8:00 - Read with Bailey.
8:15 - 8:30 - Bed time for Bailey.
8:30 - Unwinding, reading, straitening up the house a little.
9:00 - Time in bed reading with Michael.
9:10 - Lights out for me.
10:00 - Bailey wakes, we console her, back to bed.
12:30 - Bailey wakes, let her cry and she puts herself back to sleep. It takes me about 20 minutes to fall back asleep here....very frustrating!!
2:00 - Bailey wakes up, we console her for a bit and she falls back asleep.
4:00 - Bailey wakes up. Sometimes she needs a diaper change and then will fall back asleep, other times she just lost her pacifier and goes right back to sleep.
6:00 am.....we begin again!

Of course, this fluctuates from day to day....but we try and stick to this schedule as much as possible.


  1. you're doing great!
    i think schedules help everyone in the family - good job!
    you gave me some mother-in-law also has a 'choo-choo'
    i'm going to have to create one!

  2. I love it!! We received a walker as a gift, but the Choo-choo works so much better with our area rugs.....and so much more fun!

  3. Do you and Michael get to sit down together at dinner and actually talk? I'd imagine that might be kind of tricky, but I hope you can!

  4. We usually do get to spend a quite lunch together! It is wonderful!

  5. Finally! What a wonderful update. It sounds like your days are very busy, yet scheduled and productive. And I love the choo-choo idea too. I can't wait for the I-have-an-awesome-husband post. :)

  6. This reminds me of my life when my kids were babies. I had to do a schedule to keep my sanity and not let the day waste away. Great job! Enjoy the simplicity of it! It can be hard work but each and every season is different and fun. I love the teamwork that you and Michael share. I love to see spouses working together like that!