Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shake, Rattle and Blow

Storm Recap

So this morning, when Michael left for work, he warned me it might be a little rainy and blah.....Initially, this made me happy. I love spending rainy days listening to the light rain fall and the rustling of leaves. Days like that make me want to cuddle and drink coffee all day! However, out of no where came the crazy tornado like weather. This left me scrambling to grab cloths for Bailey, picture albums, pillows, blankets and a few other necessities to stash in the closet. I had to be prepared for our (in my mind) definite trip to OZ. I just knew we were going to blow away!! I hate storms....... I AM TERRIFIED OF TORNADOES. An hour and a half after the storm, I have just stopped feeling nauseous and am no longer visibly shaking!

Anyone have any calming coping skills they utilize while preparing for OZ?? I am definitely up for suggestions.


  1. i was right there with you! sooo scary - we were hanging out in the bathroom - mylin in her carseat - ha!

  2. That is funny, Bailey was asleep in her carseat too!

  3. I don't have any good advice... but I will admit to the day I had our dog and cat in the bathtub with me with a bunch of quilts over us during a tornado warning. They didn't love that so much!