Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parenting and Responsibility

As Christians, our lives are full of responsibility, conviction and self improvement. We are constantly being observed, and this rings especially true with our children. It is imperative that we are conscious of our words and actions; as children are like sponges. I have heard many times that children are often a reflection of their parents. What a tremendous responsibility this is. We are molding this little life by our daily conduct. This thought alone has brought me to my knees time and time again.

This has resulted in a deeper awareness of my imperfections. It is amazing what God will reveal when you let him. I can be impatient, selfish, and (admittedly) demanding to name a few things. While these might be considered minor infractions, I have to ask myself if they are qualities I want my daughter to acquire? So my journey has brought me to a point of vulnerability like I have never felt before. I am searching for accountability and prayers as I embark on this painful quest.

To those who have been there, any advice?


  1. I think this is great for two reasons: 1) I think it's awesome that you have a new-found self-awareness and that this awareness is inciting you to change, and 2) I think it's even more awesome that you are that concerned with the development and well-being of your daughter. I think you're becoming an awesome mom, and I hope that someday (in the distant future) I can do the same. Keep up the good work, mama!

  2. Brit - I have no advice for you, but this post is an inspiration to me and a reminder that words said or actions done in frustration are observed and can affect others. You are an amazing mom, and Bailey is so lucky that you care enough to tackle your own inperfections to help her be a better person. You have my love and prayers on this journey! - Annie