Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goodbye for now!

I am such a tease! Hello. Goodbye. Hello. Once again....Goodbye!

After rejoining the blogging world, I realized that I am quite uninteresting to read about. While most of you enjoy the photo updates and little blurbs about Bailey, the intent of the blog was not to focus on her adorableness. It originated as an outlet, a source of accountability, and a place to share with those that I am close with. It was after the creation and random musings that I realized I didn't want any of that. I am boring, yes, ....but the interesting parts; the parts that are funny, interesting or "juicy"....well, they are few and far between. Certainly not interesting enough to write about. I might be back, someday, maybe. However, this is me signing off. :)

Thanks to the 5 of you who followed my sporadic and uninteresting blurbs!


  1. I never thought a post (or your life) was boring. I will miss you too!