Monday, January 23, 2012

Pacy Down

As some of you know, we began to reduce Bailey's reliance on her pacifier shortly after Christmas time. Prior to the Holiday season she used it to chew on, hold, suck or just carry around whenever she pleased. Our goal was to rid usage before the end of January. So once life resumed to normal, we only allowed the pacifier for nap-time and bedtime. The adjustment went really well, minor if any resistance on Bailey's part. However, she was still very reliant on the pacifier during these nap/bed times. After some discussion with some friends who have gone before me, we started to debate if she was truly ready to part with it. So I teetered back and forth a bit as to whether or not the timing was best. Last week, I had decided that we could wait, and she could continue using it during her resting time.

Side track to our current toddler battle....throwing things. We have struggled with Bailey throwing toys, books, forks..... you name it. Our course of action, other than verbal instruction, has been to take the item away for 24 hours. Very effective...usually. However, I had not been doing that with her pacifier. She would throw it. I would give it back. She would throw it.I would give it back. (I took me how long to figure this out?)

So, in the midst of Bailey's frustrated outrage (exaggerating a little), it dawned on me (as I was picking it up for the 3rd time) that she was using her pacifier to manipulate me. (Again, I.KNOW.) At that moment I decided we were done (at least for naps). So Bailey napped without her pacifier for 3 days. I mean really, if she is smart enough to pull one up on her mother, she is smart enough to find a way to get to sleep, right?! Due to my desire for sleep, I wasn't quite ready to part with it a night time, so we were still holding out.

Thursday night's Bedtime: Only one pacifier could be found. I am home alone with Bailey. Night time routine going really well. Carry Bailey in her room, reach to turn on the monitor, and it falls. The pacifier falls....and rolls....and rolls....and stops. In the midst of a pile of dust bunnies, under the crib, way in the back, behind a few things. OH. NO. Are you kidding?? Thursday night, home alone, tired. I don't want to army crawl under the crib, I don't want to get dirty, I don't want to move the crib and the rug, and the desk.....blah, blah, blah. So Bailey, who is really quite quick to process the probable outcome, "Bye Bye, Pacy." That is it, we are done. Prayers said, kisses given, light out. Pacifier is gone. Forever.

Nap and Bedtimes are still a bit rough. Crying every hour and a halfish, some calls for "Pacy." Overall, a surprisingly easy adjustment. I am excited for a normal nights rest. I am also hopeful she wants to resume cuddling soon, for some reason cuddling now begins a visit to Pout City?? But, after 18 months of using a pacifier for comfort, we are now Pacy free!! :) Yay, Bailey!

So our next "skill" to acquire is independent/alone time play. We have started with 10 minutes of play time in her room.... maybe more updates on this to come. :)

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  1. Good for you! Training a child is hard work! I didn't truly understand the idea of "training" until my oldest was 4 years old. Thankfully the Lord was filling in my gaps because we got some pretty manipulative behavior turned around very quickly with a mentor's help.