Thursday, January 19, 2012


Expectations. The very word can evoke a sense of failure, disappointment, and insecurity. I often set expectations, knowingly or unknowingly. Then more often than not they are unmet, unreachable, or inconceivable based on the situation. Sometimes my expectations are based on the norm, based on dreams, or on convictions. Lately I have found myself in this funk of personal disappointment. Be it my prayer life isn't "long enough," my daughter isn't physically strong enough, by marriage isn't fun enough, my friendships aren't deep enough.... but who is to measure.

I have been so focused on measuring "enough" that I haven't counted the many blessings that God has given me. I am striving to shift my focus. What has God done to bless me beyond my worth? He has given me the most wonderful man to grow old with, to challenge my faith, to complement my weaknesses, to partner in parenthood. He has blessed us with a beautiful, fun-loving daughter. I have family and friends who love me more than I deserve. Ultimately, he desires a relationship with me. The creator of the universe, the God who saved me from myself, wants me. ME. Shouldn't that be ENOUGH!

So I am challenging myself to be thankful in all I do, and put things into perspective. Everything I have, every relationship, each new day day, every material possession is an undeserved blessing. God is enough.


  1. I can relate! There was a time I went to bed each night feeling so condemned and not good enough. I would also focus on the relationships that were not working in my life, instead of the ones that were. I am reading a book that is pretty controversial but the Lord has used it to speak so much truth in my life about my thoughts and attitudes. Will I focus on the good or what's wrong.....the book is Every Day A Friday by Joel Osteen. Even though I don't agree with everything he says, I do agree 100% about how we need to see the best in every person, every situation, etc. It has been a good read for me.

  2. This has been in my CD player this week:

    1. How appropriate! Thanks.....what a great reminder!