Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Road Trip

Back home again, in Indiana!!

Our trip to Minnesota was a safe and enjoyable one. Bailey was content to sleep and play solo during the trip there. This gave Michael and I the opportunity to listen to an audio book while taking in the beautiful landscape of Wisconsin. We have added a place or two to our list of "Would like to visit/vacation here someday." That, I will admit, was an unexpected treat. We ended up driving straight through on Thursday, but even with 5 stops for Bailey/gas/food, it was an hour shorter than map-quest had estimated.

Our hotel was quite picturesque with a lit fireplace, welcoming staff, and hot coffee/tea/cider available at all hours. What a delight. Saturday morning we woke before everyone. We were finishing our breakfast when the Bride came in and joined us. Seriously, if we were up before the Bride, you know it was early! We then sat in the lobby and played a couple of games of checkers and a game of scrabble. It was fun to enjoy those few moments together before our day began.

The wedding was beautiful! It was complete with laughter, tears, and two hearts becoming one. We all joined together in worship for the union that was made. Such a great way to begin a relationship...praising the Lord with those that you love.

Our trip home was uneventful, and of course, seemingly longer than the trip there. My impatience to get back to the comforts of home probably didn't help either. Michael is back and work and I am back to the daily grind as well. Our biggest challenge will be getting Bailey back to her routine. She spent so much time in her car seat she has forgotten what to do with herself! Tomorrow we begin our day with Bailey's 6 month check up and shots. Her routine is usually thrown off when she is vaccinated...so I don't think I am going to devote much energy to our schedule until she is herself again.

We appreciate those of you who were praying for safe travels and a happy baby! Thank You!

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