Monday, November 8, 2010

If you're happy and you know it......

If you're happy and you know it.....The wheels on the bus......The itsy bitsy spider.....

This morning, on my way home from spin, I caught myself singing in the car. It is not unusual for me to find myself singing the latest pop tune or country ditty aloud. However, at the present time, I don't know but one "current" pop tune or the latest "knee slapping" country number playing. My tune of choice this morning was "This is the song that doesn't end." Let me tell you, that gets old and annoying real fast!!

This has made me take my husbands persistent advice and plan a mini-getaway. I have yet to decide where I shall go, but I just need to be alone for a couple of hours. With the exception of exercising, date nights, a couple of doctor appointments in July, 3 campus life events, and church, I have yet to be without Bailey. I think the reason for my limited library of tunes very explanatory.

I am very excited to have some time to get away, this is something I know I need. The rejuvenation will only make me a more patient wife and mother. I just can't seem to shake these feelings of selfishness. I keep focusing on those mothers who aren't as blessed with a wonderful support system. Then I pile guilt onto the heap of selfishness. So, I am asking for continued accountability as I make the effort to move this need to my list of priorities.


  1. go christmas shopping! that's what i did for my first outing (you already know this) and man was it lovely to be able to zip in and out of the car, parking lots, and stores! PLUS i got to fill my cart and not around a carseat :)
    get your day away planned!

  2. Brittany, how true! Your husband is a very wise man. If there's anything I can encourage new mothers with is to set aside time for yourself when you begin to feel like you aren't functioning 100%. Some women need it weekly, some monthly. Do what works for you and don't feel guilty about it. The Lord recently reminded me that He LOVES to give us good gifts. I did something for my children that they loved and I was so excited to see their reaction. The Lord reminded me of scripture that tells us He too loves to give us good gifts. Don't compare and enjoy everything He gives to you!